An increasing number of local farmers are providing a wide variety of agricultural products that can be grown and produced on this ‘desert’ island. The Goshen Organic Farm in Alto Vista is one of them.

Goshen is a social impact business in more ways than one. First, Goshen hosts a work therapy program for the recovering drug and alcohol addicts of the organization ‘Cas Speransa Nobo’, this organization is located on the farm’s premises. As the recovering addicts spend their vocation hours on the farm, they learn skills that will help them positively integrate back into society. Secondly, Goshen impacts the well-being of the Aruban community at large by furthering its vision of connection individuals back to the land through locally grown produce (particularly native produce), plant-based products, and educational experiences.

The Goshen farm is located on an elevated plot of land with spectacular views of the island. The farm makes sure to adopt good agricultural practices, such as abstaining from the use of GMO seeds and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, as well as working with the environment, not against it. In other words, the farm is growing both organically and sustainably.

The farm is divided into several sections, each producing different crops. The staple crops include Aruban cucumbers, long beans, okra and Swiss chard, while the seasonal produce includes pumpkin, papaya, different melon varieties and mangoes. The little Aruban cucumbers, local knows as ‘concomber chicito’, are the farms biggest crop, about 10 kilograms every one to two days.

Guests will enjoy a local refreshment (Tamarind or Sugar Cane juice) and some unique finger foods made from local products.